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Global cognition

assesses orientation, attention, language and memory of individuals.

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Glomerular filtration rate

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is a test used to check how well the kidneys are working. Specifically, it estimates how much blood passes through the glomeruli each minute. Glomeruli are the tiny filters in the kidneys that filter waste from the blood.


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Gut microbiota

is the name for the microbe population living in the human intestine.

The human gut microbiota contains tens of trillions of microorganisms, including at least 1000 different species of known bacteria with more than 3 million genes. Microbiota can, in total, weigh up to 2 kg. One third of the gut microbiota is common to most individuals, while two thirds are specific to each person. The microbiota in each intestine can therefore be considered as an individual’s identity card.

The gut microbiota:

  • helps the body to digest certain foods that the stomach and small intestine have not been able to digest;
  • helps with the production of some vitamins (B and K);
  • helps to combat aggressions from other microorganisms, maintaining the wholeness of the intestinal mucosa;
  • plays an important role in the immune system, performing a barrier effect;
  • is key to ensuring proper digestive functioning when healthy and balanced
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