To insure our goals, events and actions demonstrate in what direction WIC is working.

Protection and advancement of citizens’ health is a declared priority for the EU. Both prevention and medical treatment can contribute to health, but prevention has certain advantages. Among preventive actions, two are universal in their applicability: good nutrition and physical activity, which are applicable across the life span. The Conference, therefore, will deal with issues such as nutrition and physical activity during childhood and old age, alike, childhood obesity, policies to tackle diet-related NCDS, public health issues with a focus…
The Cavour Group - Lifestyles and Drinking Patterns in Young Adults- 5 March 2014 from 9:30 until 16:30 in the European Parliament, Altiero Spinelli Building (ASP) A1E-2. The conference is organised by the Cavour Group. This group gathers scientists from different fields and different geographies who work together on scientific projects related to behavioural aspects of alcoholic beverages consumption. The group is coordinated by Professor Enrico Tempesta, Osservatorio Permanente sui Giovani e l’Alcool, Italy, and Professor Philippe de Witte, Université…
June 26, 2014, Ludwigsburg, Germany, with Prof. Mladen Boban and Prof. Nicolai Worm as speakers: Moderate Wine Consumption and Cardiovascular RiskProf. Dr. Nicolai Worm, Nutritionist and Publicist, Munich The role of wine in postprandial oxidative stressProf. Dr. Mladen Boban, School of Medicine, University of Split, Croatia More details on the symposium to be communicated soon.
Thursday, 13 February 2014 13:47

X Congreso Internacional Dieta Mediterránea

The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle that combines a dietary pattern linked to traditional food and fresh products, the practice of daily moderate physical activity. This lifestyle, determined by the Mediterranean climate and space, manifested through festivals and celebrations that encourage mutual recognition of gestures, hospitality, friendship, intergenerational transmission and intercultural dialogue. The result is an excellent way of life, healthy and recognized worldwide, so much that it has been recognized as intangible heritage of humanity. The aim of this…
Thursday, 13 February 2014 13:42

Conference 'Health in Europe, making it fairer'

The conference will address the issue of improving fairness and equity in health in Europe, improving access to health and combatting discrimination in health. Its aim is to: - highlight current issues on fairness in health, access to health and discrimination in health in Europe - exchange information on policies and good practice in improving fairness and equity in health and combatting discrimination - propose conference conclusions on common basic principles and values on improving equity and combatting discrimination in…
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