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More than 100 interested physicians attended the DWA symposium “Diabetes – How to deal with the lifestyle factor wine” in Mannheim, Germany, during the Congress of Internal Medicine. During the introduction, Dr. Claudia Stein-Hammer explained why the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) disseminates the benefits and risks of wine consumption primarily to physicians. Because of their background, the doctors are able to assess the latest research results in the literature. Healthy lifestyle, no therapy As the title of the event already indicates,…
Interesting NEW evidence There were many interesting topics covered at the conference, however, one very intriguing subject is the influence of wine on the gut microbiota. The microbiota is very different for each individual and the research is just at the beginning to understand what is going on. However, there are indications that moderate wine consumption can enhance the gut microbiota which acts as a mediator of some beneficial effects of wine. The various polyphenols of wine and their metabolites…
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Wine & Health 2017

Save the Date for the WINE & HEALTH 2017 Location: Logroño Dates: 16th, 17th and 18th of February, 2017 Programme: "Several studies have explored the complex relationship between moderate consumption of wine and health. In fact, this relationship has been the focus of a long standing series of scientific meetings in the last years, starting in Udine (Italy) in 1996, and followed by the Meetings held in Palo Alto, California (USA) organized by the New York Academy of Science in…
November 9-12, 2016, Vienna The EPH Conference is an initiative of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA), the international and independent umbrella organisation for public health associations and institutes. The 9th EPH Conference is co-organised by the EPH Conference Foundation, EUPHA and the Austrian Public Health Association (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Public Health, ÖGPH). The ÖGPH was founded in 1995. It is a multi- and interdisciplinary association that promotes the development of health-oriented structures in societies and policies. More information:
Vienna, Austria, July 11-15, 2016 This conference addresses international researchers dealing with all aspects of polyphenols from biosynthesis, biotechnology and analysis to nutrition and health-related effects. More information: Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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