Alcohol intake and risk of colorectal cancer: Results from the UK Dietary Cohort Consortium




BACKGROUND: Epidemiological studies have suggested that excessive alcohol intake increases colorectal cancer (CRC) risk. However, findings regarding tumour subsites and sex differences have been inconsistent.

METHODS: We investigated the prospective associations between alcohol intake on overall and site- and sex-specific CRC risk. Analyses were conducted on 579 CRC cases and 1996 matched controls nested within the UK Dietary Cohort Consortium using standardised data obtained from food diaries as a main nutritional method and repeated using data from food frequency questionnaire (FFQ).

RESULTS: Compared with individuals in the lightest category of drinkers (>0-/=45 g per day. No clear associations were observed between site-specific CRC risk and alcohol intake in either sex. Analyses using FFQ showed similar results.

CONCLUSION: We found no significantly increased risk of CRC up to 30 g per day of alcohol intake within the UK Dietary Cohort Consortium.




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    Park,J.Y.; Dahm,C.C.; Keogh,R.H.; Mitrou,P.N.; Cairns,B.J.; Greenwood,D.C.; Spencer,E.A.; Fentiman,I.S.; Shipley,M.J.; Brunner,E.J.; Cade,J.E.; Burley,V.J.; Mishra,G.D.; Kuh,D.; Stephen,A.M.; White,I.R.; Luben,R.N.; Mulligan,A.A.; Khaw,K.T.; Rodwell,S.A.

  • Issue: Br.J.Cancer / pages 747-756 / volume 103
  • Published Date: 2010/8/24
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