Ursula Fradera

Ursula fradera is a nutritionist (diplom-oecotrophologin, msc) and has been working with the deutsche weinakademie (dwa) as project manager and branch manager since 1999.

The objectives of the DWA are to establish wine as part of a healthy diet and modern lifestyle and to make people aware about responsible drinking pattern by informing about the benefits of moderate wine consumption AND the risks of alcohol misuse. The work includes analysis, evaluation and dissemination of international scientific studies. Ursula is responsible for the coordination of scientific studies, the organisation of continuing education seminars for health professionals, media relations and the maintenance of a databank with worldwide publications on wine. She also attends international conferences and meetings as a speaker.

In the “Wine in Moderation” initiative, she is the coordinator of the Wine Information Council. Previously, she was in charge of implementing public health nutrition pograms in Vancouver, Canada for 4 years and lecturer of human nutrition courses at the University of B.C., Canada.

Contact: Deutsche Weinakademie GmbH   www.deutscheweinakademie.de   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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