Effect on gut microbiota of a 1-y lifestyle intervention with Mediterranean diet compared with energy-reduced Mediterranean diet and physical activity promotion: PREDIMED-Plus Study

BACKGROUND: The Mediterranean diet is a well-recognized healthy diet that has shown to induce positive changes in gut microbiota. Lifestyle changes such as diet along with physical activity could aid in weight loss and improve cardiovascular risk factors. OBJECTIVES: To investigate the effect of an intensive lifestyle weight loss intervention on gut microbiota. METHODS: This is a substudy of the PREDIMED-Plus (Prevencion con Dieta Mediterranea-Plus), a randomized controlled trial conducted in overweight/obese men and women (aged 55-75 y) with metabolic syndrome. The intervention group (IG) underwent an intensive weight loss lifestyle intervention based on an energy-restricted Mediterranean diet (MedDiet) and physical activity promotion, and the control group (CG) underwent a non-energy-restricted MedDiet for 1 y. Anthropometric, biochemical, and gut microbial 16S rRNA sequencing data were analyzed at baseline (n = 362) and 1-y follow-up (n = 343). RESULTS: IG participants had a weight loss of 4.2 (IQR, -6.8, -2.5) kg compared with 0.2 (IQR, -2.1, 1.4) kg in the CG (P

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    Muralidharan, J.;Moreno-Indias, I.;Bullo, M.;Lopez, J. V.;Corella, D.;Castaner, O.;Vidal, J.;Atzeni, A.;Fernandez-Garcia, J. C.;Torres-Collado, L.;Fernandez-Carrion, R.;Fito, M.;Olbeyra, R.;Gomez-Perez, A. M.;Galie, S.;Bernal-Lopez, M. R.;Martinez-Gonzalez, M. A.;Salas-Salvado, J.;Tinahones, F. J.

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