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Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems

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  • Authors:

    Willett,W.; Rockstrom,J.; Loken,B.; Springmann,M.; Lang,T.; Vermeulen,S.; Garnett,T.; Tilman,D.; DeClerck,F.; Wood,A.; Jonell,M.; Clark,M.; Gordon,L.J.; Fanzo,J.; Hawkes,C.; Zurayk,R.; Rivera,J.A.; De,Vries W.; Majele,Sibanda L.; Afshin,A.; Chaudhary,A.; Herrero,M.; Agustina,R.; Branca,F.; Lartey,A.; Fan,S.; Crona,B.; Fox,E.; Bignet,V.; Troell,M.; Lindahl,T.; Singh,S.; Cornell,S.E.; Srinath,Reddy K.; Narain,S.; Nishtar,S.; Murray,C.J.L.

  • Issue: Lancet
  • Published Date: 2019/1/16
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