Alcohol consumption, hospitalization and medical expenditure: a large epidemiological study on the medical insurance system in Japan

AIMS: This study investigated the relationship between alcohol drinking habits and the onset of high medical expenditure in a Japanese male population.

METHODS: The cohort comprised 94,307 male beneficiaries 40-69 years of age of the Japanese medical insurance system, who had daily alcohol drinking habits. The likelihood of incurring high medical expenditure, defined as the >/=90th percentile of the medical expenditure distribution in the study population 1 year after baseline, as well as the likelihood of undergoing hospitalization that year were compared among the participants grouped according to their alcohol consumption amount (<2, 2-3.9, 4-5.9, >/=6 drinks/day).

RESULTS: Participants who ranked in the top 10% medical expenditure group within the 1 year after baseline each incurred at least 2152 euros/year. The top 10% medical expenditure group accounted for 61.1% of the total medical expenditure in the study population. The odds ratios (95% confidence intervals) for ranking in the top 10% group during the 1-year period, compared with the /=6 drinks/day after adjustment for age, body mass index, and smoking and exercise habits. The adjusted odds ratios for undergoing hospitalization were 1.11 (1.04-1.19), 1.14 (1.06-1.24) and 1.39 (1.24-1.56), respectively.

CONCLUSION: The likelihood of incurring high medical expenditure and undergoing hospitalization increased with daily alcohol consumption amount.

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    Nakamura,K.; Okuda,N.; Okamura,T.; Miura,K.; Nishimura,K.; Yasumura,S.; Sakata,K.; Hidaka,H.; Okayama,A.

  • Issue: Alcohol Alcohol / pages 236-243 / volume 50
  • Published Date: 2015/3
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