Dr Creina Stockley

Dr Creina Stockley, (PhD, MSc, MBA,) a clinical pharmacologist, has been Manager – Health and Regulatory Information at The Australian Wine Research Institute since 1991. Australian government delegate to the Organisation de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV), she has been Vice-President and acting President of the Nutrition and Wine expert group, President of the Food Safety expert group, and President and Vice-president of Commission IV Safety and Health. Her position at the AWRI has afforded her opportunities to act as an independent expert for a variety of national and international governmental health and safety forums in the areas of allergens and additives, as well as being actively involved in research related to the effects of moderate wine consumption on human health (cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer and dementia). She has presented papers at over 60 conferences, and published over 60 peer-reviewed papers, 65 non-peer-reviewed papers, 11 book chapters and was guest editor of three journals.


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