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Another piece in the puzzle – cognitive benefits of resveratrol Findings from this study demonstrate a sustained benefit of long-term low dose resveratrol supplementation...
Lifestyle factor wine can contribute to more years lived without major chronic diseases A recent large European study examined whether different combinations of lifestyle factors are associated...
A Mediterranean-style eating pattern can also prevent diabetes outside the Mediterranean setting Those who live and eat the Mediterranean way have a lower risk to develop type 2 diabetes and coronary...
Wine consumption in the context of a healthy lifestyle and cancer risk SUMMARY We do not drink only wine/alcoholic beverages, we eat other foods and have particular...

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Sustained Cerebrovascular and Cognitive Benefits of Resveratrol in Postmenopausal Women Deficits in the cerebral microcirculation contribute to age-related cognitive decline.... More detail
Sirtuins transduce STACs signals through steroid hormone receptors SIRT1 protects against several complex metabolic and ageing-related diseases (MARDs),... More detail
Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis: Low-Level Alcohol Consumption and the Risk of Liver Cancer Background/Aims: Multiple meta-analyses and observational studies have reported that... More detail

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