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The Mediterranean diet: an emerging medical prescription? This review describes the challenges of the Mediterranean dietary pattern. Approximately half a century...
What about the impact of moderate consumption of alcohol on kidneys disease? In this prospective US study, the researchers found that low to moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages...
Wine before beer, beer before wine? - Grape or grain but never the twain WHAT IS THE BACKGROUND? Alcohol-induced hangover is characterized by a well-known complex of unpleasant...
Alcoholic beverages and non-prescription drugs…a bad combination for the kidneys WHAT IS IT? The study “Light to moderate drinking and therapeutic doses of acetaminophen: an assessment...

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Polyphenol Extracts from Red Wine and Grapevine: Potential Effects on Cancers Wine has been popular worldwide for many centuries and currently remains an important... More detail
Potential Beneficial Effects of Wine Flavonoids on Allergic Diseases Wine, a widely consumed beverage, comprises several biophenols that promote health.... More detail
Alcohol Consumption and Risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Prospective Cohort Study of Men Studies indicate an inverse association between moderate alcohol consumption and... More detail

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