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Less hip fractures in middle-aged wine drinkers? In this study, the association between the consumption of specific alcoholic beverages and hip fractures...
Another piece in the puzzle - Can red wine prevent depression? A new study has shown that the resveratrol found in red wine demonstrates stress relieving effects in...
Alcohol consumption and incident dementia in older Japanese adults A study evaluated the association between the amount and frequency of alcohol consumption and incident...
Adult-life binge drinking of alcoholic beverages appears to be associated with age-related cognitive decline Cognitive decline is a common consequence of ageing. Alcohol consumption is a modifiable and plausible...

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Alcohol and hepatocellular carcinoma Background: Alcohol is classified as a Group 1 carcinogen by the International Agency... More detail
Role of diet in type 2 diabetes incidence: umbrella review of meta-analyses of prospective observational studies OBJECTIVE: To summarise the evidence of associations between dietary factors and... More detail
Effectiveness of Workplace Intervention for Reducing Alcohol Consumption: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis AIMS: To review the effectiveness of workplace interventions in reducing alcohol... More detail

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